Projects & Partner

Longterm-Partnership: Derbystar

Gamerbrother X Playstation

Longterm-Partnership: VGO

Longterm-Partnership: Nvidia

FPM X Hisense: EURO 2020 Campaign

Longterm-Partnership: B&B Hotels

YOUnited X Philips OneBlade

YOUnited X Dataport

YOUnited X Displate

Longterm-Partnership: Displate

Longterm-Partnership: LevlUP

Mediamarkt 2021

Pepsi x KFC x CL

48 hours of Live-Streaming

Longterm-Partnership: B&B Hotels

B&B Hotels is one of the largest hotel chains in Germany and we are happy to have found a long-term strategic partner that allows our talents to work closely with B&B and use their hotel chain whenever it is necessary for them.

B&B benefits from the enormous reach of our talents who use their services.

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