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As an All-Around management we are highly focused on our Talents.

At a certain reach it becomes timewise nearly impossible to take care of everything on your own.
Fairplay accompanies you not only in all your brand, image and content concerns. We also take care of all your daily tasks like your taxes for example. No matter what issues or businesses are due you can come with every aspect directly to us.

Our agency‘s work ethic is based on professionalism, punctuality and transparency. In addition we will make sure to organize stable-long-term partnershiphs and honest deals for you as a talent that you can profit from and identify with.

Down below you can find our current cooperations and brand-partners.

Usually we contact talents ourselfs when we can imagine to work with them. But if you feel like you would make a great addition to our team, feel free to contact us on one of our platforms.

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