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Longterm-Partnership: Derbystar

Gamerbrother X Playstation

Longterm-Partnership: VGO

Longterm-Partnership: Nvidia

FPM X Hisense: EURO 2020 Campaign

Longterm-Partnership: B&B Hotels

YOUnited X Philips OneBlade

YOUnited X Dataport

YOUnited X Displate

Longterm-Partnership: Displate

Longterm-Partnership: LevlUP

Mediamarkt 2021

Pepsi x KFC x CL

48 hours of Live-Streaming

48 hours of Live-Streaming

The mission began at the 10th of october 2021: The content creators GamerBrother & the duo Tisi Schubech challenged themselves to stream for 48 hours with no breaks – first on YouTube and then on Twitch.

We accompanied the project conceptually and technically with the goal to create an unforgetable livestreaming-experience.

The result: A very positive response with over 50.000 comments and chat texts & 99,9% Thumbs-up with a reach on YouTube and Twitch with over 1.75 million views and live-viewers.

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