Fairplay Management is a 360 * full service agency

As 360° Talent Management, we take care of all the needs of our talents. Our talents have a strong focus on gaming and streaming.
The areas of lifestyle and sports are also present in the same course.

Our YouTubers and streamers are among the most among the widest-reaching of their kind.
In addition to YouTube and Twitch, we have a strong presence on Instagram and Twitter, partly also Tiktok.

We place great value on long-term partnerships and authentic collaborations.
Our talents focus on campaigns that you yourself can get behind and that you yourself also enjoy.
This is precisely why the campaigns are so successful.

We know that dealing with influencers can sometimes be tricky.
As an agency, we stand for professionalism, meeting deadlines and transparency.
We work fully data-driven and place high value on measurability and trackability.
We are keen to unite the goals of all parties under one roof and focus on win-win situations.

At Fairplay Management, we find a suitable solution for every idea. We have made it our business to offer the best possible campaign for every facet of influencer marketing.

To give you a small overview of the possibilities you will find a small list here.

If the right one is not there yet, just contact us and we will find the perfect solution


Branded Content

“Branded content” means that the influencer’s whole content within a Video or Stream is fixed by the brand.

It can be fixed interactions with a product or a fixed format in exchange with the brand.


Product Placement

A “product placement” is the presentation of a specific product that can be shown and used in the form of an on-demand video, or in a stream.

Be it an actual physical product presentation/use, or for example playing a specific game as product placement.


Active product use

By “active product use” we mean the daily integration of a specific product into the influencer’s everyday life and/or stream without explicit introduction.

This is perfect for everyday objects or parts of equipment, for example. Such integration creates a more authentic image, especially for longer-term campaigns.



If certain promotions or discount campaigns are to be advertised, Instagram is a perfect place to quickly generate short-term reach for promotional phases.

Here, followers are quickly made aware of the respective promotions through stories and/or feed posts.



Want to get the community active to get creative solutions or creative input?

With a campaign around a dedicated brand contest, community activation can be strongly driven.

This has the advantage that the community has to interact directly with a specific brand or product.


Esports Cups

You want to place your brand or a certain product with an Esports tournament in a certain game?

Esports tournaments offer enormous reach and interaction, especially nowadays.

Thanks to our previous cooperation with technical partners, we can also offer you the best possible package here.

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