Projects & Partner

Longterm-Partnership: Derbystar

Gamerbrother X Playstation

Longterm-Partnership: VGO

Longterm-Partnership: Nvidia

FPM X Hisense: EURO 2020 Campaign

Longterm-Partnership: B&B Hotels

YOUnited X Philips OneBlade

YOUnited X Dataport

YOUnited X Displate

Longterm-Partnership: Displate

Longterm-Partnership: LevlUP

Mediamarkt 2021

Pepsi x KFC x CL

48 hours of Live-Streaming

FPM X Hisense: EURO 2020 Campaign

Together with CSM, we are currently working on a campaign around Hisense as part of the European Championship 2020.

NoHandGaming & DerKeller will be used as brand ambassadors for Hisense as part of the upgrade squad.

Different types of content will be produced to create an authentic campaign in line with the brand.

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