Projects & Partner

Longterm-Partnership: Derbystar

Gamerbrother X Playstation

Longterm-Partnership: VGO

Longterm-Partnership: Nvidia

FPM X Hisense: EURO 2020 Campaign

Longterm-Partnership: B&B Hotels

YOUnited X Philips OneBlade

YOUnited X Dataport

YOUnited X Displate

Longterm-Partnership: Displate

Longterm-Partnership: LevlUP

Mediamarkt 2021

Pepsi x KFC x CL

48 hours of Live-Streaming

Longterm-Partnership: Nvidia

As an industry giant, NVIDIA is a special partner with whom we have already been able to implement numerous campaigns. Most recently as part of a promotion for the streaming platform GeForceNOW, where we were able to ensure a successful campaign together with Dhalucard & Trilluxe.

Currently, our female talents are working on a follow-up campaign for the streaming service GeForceNOW, where they provide content around the platform with regular creative formats.

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